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How to Stop Emotional Eating with an Effective Weight Loss Mindset Program

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QUEENSLAND, Australia February, 2014 – Emotional eating is one of the most common reasons why people who are trying to lose extra weight tend to add on more kilos instead of shedding them. Emotional eating, due to its very definition of being clouded by emotion, can be extremely difficult to detect and stop. Emotional eating is often triggered by feeling stressed, upset or angry and results in the person staring into the refrigerator when bored, the sudden irrepressible need to have cheese cake or pizza and nothing else will do overwhelming them, feeling full at dinner but ‘making room’ for seconds or dessert.

Lyn Woodward, Founder of Activate Your Mind has created a very effective weight loss mindset program that is proven to stop emotional eating, especially for people who want to achieve and maintain good health, not just lose those extra kilos. Tracy, one of Lyn’s clients, says “The Activate Your Mind Program is a fantastic program. It is a cleansing of the soul and of the mind. The results are amazing!  And best of all they are long term.”

The success of the ‘Activate Your Mind’ weight loss mindset program is in an intrinsic belief that people who want to stop emotional eating for long-term weight loss must embrace a new weight loss mindset that completely overhauls the way they think. Lyn helps her clients to, with very little effort on their part, learn healthy new habits, but also unlearn old, unhealthy ones. This includes modifying their approaches to food, diet, and priorities using an effective Emotion and Behaviour Change method Lyn designed herself.

Tania H. from Victoria shares her amazing experience with Lyn as her weight loss coach:

“I believe this program is not just great for changing eating behaviours but unbelievably fantastic for helping look at life clearer.  At this point in time I have been thinking clearer, much happier and have gotten my old bubbly self back!

I actually don’t feel hungry anymore and don’t think about food like I did previously. I would recommend this program not just for weight issues but for life changes.”

Lyn says, “Activate Your Mind releases you from the shackles of negative weight issues and food addictions. People trapped in the vicious cycles of yo-yo dieting and emotional eating can now breathe easy, knowing that help is on the way. This alternative weight loss program is very effective as it uncovers the underlying reasons for the food and weight problems and solves the core issues with a total change in weight loss mindset. This is why, when you go through the ‘Activate Your Mind’ program, you become more successful in managing your weight as you gain a healthier perspective – one that permeates your whole life.  In no time, you look and feel healthy and beautiful inside and out.

To find out more about this effective weight loss mindset program that helps people stop emotional eating by changing their mindset for them, book an appointment today at

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