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The Activate Your Mind Program is a Seven Step System that addresses many different aspects that may have been subconsciously sabotaging your efforts to lose weight up until now.

Emotional Eating: We will help you to deal with those unwanted emotions that may be sending you straight to the fridge. For example, stress, frustration, anxiety, depression. This one technique alone can have a profound effect in many areas of your life, allowing you to let go of any emotions you may be hanging onto from past events and enabling you to deal with situations in the future in a much more calm, rational way. We have had endless reports from clients saying that they feel calmer, happier, much more positive and in control. Many have come off anti depressants (with their doctors approval), thrie relationships with husbands, family and children have improve, insomnia has disappeared. The biggest bonus of this Program, which happens after Day One, is how much better you will feel in yourself, in your own confidence and self esteem.

Please note: If you have an issue from your past that you would rather not discuss then our techniques are perfect since you do not have to mention anything about the event that caused the unresolved emotional issue in order to resolve the issue or move on from it.

Discover Unwanted Beliefs: Our beliefs and values have an amazing impact on who we are and how we behave. What’s the difference between Richard Branson and the rest of us? Mr Branson believes that he can do anything…and so he does! Our minds and our bodies will do absolutely everything they can to support our beliefs – whether we want them to or not! So if we believe, deep down, that we’ll never reach our target weight and stay there, our bodies will react – by slowing our metabolic rate or making us feel ravenous – to encourage us to hang onto our extra kilos and support that belief! The Activate Your Mind Program has methods of finding out what beliefs may be holding you back from achieving your goals and eliminate them so that there is nothing holding you back from reaching your goals. Common beliefs of our clients include I’ll always be fat, I self sabotage, I have no willpower, I have no motivation, I’m obsessed with food, I have a sweet tooth, I’m an all or nothing person, I hate myself and the way I look. These may feel very real, but we need to break down these beliefs first
Change Bad Habits: We have a strategy to everything we do down to making a cup of tea or having a shower; we generally tend to do things in the same order. Common bad habits include binge eating, chocolate addiction, boredom eating, alcohol problems,

(See diagram at top of page)

Or a ‘Chocolate Eating Strategy” could be:

TRIGGER: See Chocoalte THINK: “YUM!” ACTION: Eat

Once we have identified the unwanted habits or strategies that you may be running, we have a technique that interrupts the pattern at a subconscious level so that the Trigger results in a different Action, such as drink a glass of water or going for a walk.

A habit doesn’t need 21 days to change – using these processes, a habit can be changed in 5 minutes!

Eliminate Food Cravings: We have a technique that will make the ‘bad’ foods a lot less appealing and the good foods, like fruit and vegetables, much more appealing. We can show you how you can simply ‘flick a switch’ in your brain so that you remove the cravings to eat the wrong foods and replace it with a genuine desire to eat the right foods. You can still eat anything that you want, you simply won”t crave the ‘bad’ foods as much.
Goal setting: We show you a simple process of how to set long term and short term goals so that you will definitely achieve them. Would you rob a bank? Definitely not? So you wouldn’t even think about buying a gun to rob a bank because you’re not going to rob a bank? What would happen if you had that sort of conviction about achieving your goals – if you absolutely 100% knew that you would achieve your goal? Your Subconscious Mind and your Body will do everything possible to help you achieve that goal because there is no doubt that it is going to happen – your mental focus will be firmly on reaching your goal rather than food and eating.
Action Steps: Once the fundamental changes have been made we help you to choose and implement small, but significant, changes into your lifestyle which will allow you to reach your goal weight and maintain that weight for life. We help you to choose changes that you are more than happy to continue with long term and, because you will have a completely different mindset, they will be really easy to implement and before you know it you will have changed your habits to those of a ‘naturally slim’ person.
Support: The Program involves 6 hours of Emotion and Behaviour Change Work held over one day followed by 3 months, 6 months or 12 months of support – depending on your needs.
The initial day of one-to-one techniques with your consultant is a fun, interactive day that goes incredibly quickly and involves a lot of ‘light bulb’ moments!. You will then implement the small lifestyle changes (that you will choose) and report back to your consultant to let them know that everything is on track. Most people find that within the first few days they are feeling 100% happier and more positive in themselves and totally confident that it will be really easy to maintain their new healthier lifestyle and reach their goals, however it is really important to us that you stay on track and remain firmly focused towards your goals, so your Consultant will be with you every step of the way to provide you with Coaching and Mentoring to keep you focused and get you reaching your goals in super quick time.
Sound too good to be true?
Methods like ours have been used over the last 25 years by large companies and highly successful individuals to help create the mindset of success.  They have employed these techniques to eliminate negative or unproductive thoughts and behaviours and help install positive, goal focussed attitudes for success.  Some of these include Greg Norman, Andre Agassi, Anthony Robbins, US Olympic Team, IBM (Europe), Walt Disney Inc, US Airforce and Army and the UK Metropolitan Police.

The Activate Your Mind Program can be used by anyone who wants to become slim, fit and healthy right now.

Think of it like this…your mind is like a computer.

It has programs installed that help you to respond to and make choices in life.  These programs are made up from our experiences.  For example, if you touch a hot stove as a child, you learn not to do that again because your brain has encoded the experience and reminds you, at the right time, that it is an unsafe thing to do.

While many of these programs are essential to our effective functioning and safety, others were created to serve a purpose that no longer exists.  For example, being given sweets as a child to comfort your unhappiness might have been a good strategy for your parents then but is not an effective one now.  However your brain may still be programmed to respond to unhappiness by urging you to choose sweets as a comfort.

Just like a computer our brains sometimes need de-fragmenting and files need to be up-dated.

The Activate Your Mind Program helps you to ‘re-program your computer’ – we show you how to think differently so that you achieve the results you want.

We will work with you individually to discover, in detail, what emotions, beliefs, values, cravings and habits you have around food.  We start off by asking you lots of questions to find out what specifically has caused your problem.  Are you a picker or a binger; an emotional eater or do you snack when you’re bored; do you love chocolate or cheese; are you an all or nothing person; do you reward yourself with food; do you always feel compelled to eat everything that’s on the plate or the table?

Many of our clients say “all of the above” and that is fine!  Everybody is different and we want to discover exactly what has created your problem.  There may well be many contributing factors that you are not even aware of and we will address each one individually.

We work through many different, simple yet powerful techniques that each create changes in you at a deep subconscious level which will leave you with a completely different attitude and mindset towards food and eating.   You are totally aware of what is going on at all times, the techniques simply involve you talking to your consultant and you are aware of everything that is happening.

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