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How Does it Work?
We use specific, proven cutting edge Emotion and Behaviour Change Techniques that help you eliminate your unhealthy attitudes, mindset and habits around food, eating, exercise and body image.  We then help you to replace them with empowering new ones that make feeling good and living a healthy life easy and natural.
Is is hypnosis?
NO.  The techniques we use simply involve you talking to your consultant in a one on one environment - you are completely aware of everything that is going on and able to ask questions at any time.
Will it work for me?
Yes.  Absolutely anyone can use these techniques successfully as long as you are 100% sure that you want to be slim, fit and healthy.  If, in the unlikely event that you feel that your thinking hasn't changes by the end of your initial 6 hour session, then we will happily refund your investment.
I’ve heard it all and tried everything before, why should I choose your Program?
We all know, fundamentally what we need to do to lose weight - eat less and exercise more, right?  So how come so many people struggle?  What is it that 'gets in the way? It is obvious that the answer lies in our heads and that is why, we believe, that this Program is the long term solution to weight problems. A 'naturally slim' person has different emotions, associations and habits around food and exercise, effectively the Activate your Mind Program will teach you how to think and behave like a 'naturally slim' so that you BECOME a neaturally slim person - no willpower required!
I emotionally eat when I’m depressed, can you help me?
Absolutely!  With emotional eating, we need to deal with the emotions that you are feeling first, these are the core of the eating behaviour problem.  Many clients come to us in a state of 'overwhelm'; their problems have built up to a point where they don't know where to turn or what to do.  Our job is to help you to 'de-whelm' so that you can take control again.  We have several specific techniques designed to help you to deal with your emotions and situations in a better way so that, after the Program, you will be feeling much more positive, focused and happier.  If you don't feel the unwanted emotions, you won't be an emotional eater!
Can you help someone like me. My problem is unique.
We are all individuals, running our own patterns and behaviours, which have developed over the years because of our own unique experiences in life.   We work with you on a one on one basis, so that we can find out exactly what is going on with you, identify what needs to be worked with and address your individual needs so that you get the best results possible.
How long does it take? What if I can’t keep up?
The initial Emotion and Behaviour Change Work takes about 6 hours and this is normally done in one day, although it can be done on two consecutive days if you prefer.  This day is a fun, interactive day with your consultant.  There will be lots of 'light bulb moments' as you discover how easy and effective the techniques are.  You will notice within your first week that you immediately feel 'lighter' and very focused on your new happier and healthier lifestyle. Your consultant will then support, coach and mentor you on a weekly basis, either face to face, by phone or e-mail, for as long as you need to ensure that you are completely happy with your new slim, fit and healthy mindset and lifestyle.  If you need any further assistance down the track, your consultant will help you to get re-focussed and motivated so that your journey towards your ideal weight is as easy and enjoyable as possible.
What if I don’t succeed? How do you ensure my success?
There is no such thing as failure with this Program!  Each week you will report to your consultant and let them know how your week has gone, hopefully everything will be on track and each week will feel easier and easier as you re-train yourself in the new habits that you want to have.  If, by any chance, you have a minor setback, we will get you back on track and refocused, either by using a technique, or by discussing what you can learn from the events of the week, and what you can do to make things easier and to gradually reset your habits for the future.
How can you do all that you claim in such a short time?
This is a common question!  Many of our clients that we work with have carried their 'problems' around with them for years and think that getting rid of them will take as long.  The simple answer is that any change that takes place at a deep, unconscious level is faster and more lasting than anything else.  we will show you how you can re-pattern your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs to view your food, yourself and your health differently and take control of your life.  You will find out just how much of a difference these techniques make in just a few hours
Is there a minimum or maximum size that I have to be to participate in your Program?
Absolutely not!  This program is for anyone who is not happy with their body whether they have a lot of weight to lose or just a few kilos.  It is also of great benefit to anyone who is struggling to maintain their weight. If you are not happy with yourself or your body (and 90% of Australians aren't) then this program will benefit you in so many ways - in your confidence in yourself, your happiness, how positive you feel and how fabulous you look.
Can I afford it?
We have done our utmost to make the price as affordable to as many people as we possibly can. What you save in the food you WON'T buy any more will more than pay for the program...and the increased vitality and joy for life that you'll experience is PRICELESS! Ask much money have you spent on diet food, exercise machines, milkshakes, supplements etc over the years?  How much money will you save if you are enjoying eating less and eating healthier food?
  • Imagine a life without constantly worrying about food or dieting
  • Imagine being able to cope better with lifes ups and downs
  • Imagine being more positive about yourself and life in general
  • Imagine feeling happier, healthier and having more confidence in yourself
  • Imagine feeling slimmer, sexier and enjoying relationships more
How many years have you been struggling with your weight and mentally beating yourself up? How many more years have you got to live?  What value do you put on happiness, freedom, confidence and contentment?
Are there any additional costs involved?
No.  Your investment in the Program fee is the only cost to you.  There are no additional costs involved.
Do you have a money back guarantee?
Absolutely!  We understand that this is a totally new concept and realise that it is difficult to imagine having a totally different mindset to that which you have now.  We are totally confident that our Program will work for you - if it didn't we certainly wouldn't want to charge you! If, having completed the 6 hours of Behaviour Change Work component of the Program, you are not completely satisfied that you have a completely different Mindset and that you will reach your target weight and be able to maintain that weight, we want you to tell us and we will happily refund your money - no questions asked.
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