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Australian Weight Loss Coach Uncovers Breakthrough Ways to Treat Obesity With Innovative ‘Thinking’ Weight Loss Program

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QUEENSLAND, Australia November, 2013 – According to the World Health Organisation, more than 1.4 billion adults aged 20 and over were overweight in 2008, and of every 10 adults across the world, one of them is obese. Even worse is the fact that these adults are passing down unhealthy habits onto the next generation with more than 40 million children under just five years old classed as overweight in 2010*. One of the key points the World Health Organisation makes is that despite these alarming and rising numbers, obesity is preventable.

Lyn Woodward, an Australian weight loss coach, has discovered a weight loss program that can make a considerable dent in the obesity statistics without crash diets or strenuous exercise. A yo-yo dieter until the age of 40, Lyn made a decision to stop dieting and exercising like crazy, and start looking into how healthy and fit people think.  Lyn has trained in many modalities specialising in emotional and behavioural change work, and spent years developing her own breakthrough weight loss program designed to create lasting results by first changing people’s mindset, and then the resulting behaviour.

After 18 years in the fitness industry without sustainable results, Lyn launched the ‘Activate Your Mind Program’, which draws on Lyn’s training and personal experience to improve her clients’ mindset about food, eating and exercise. Through this program, people with weight loss problems, such as obesity, can expect to find themselves as healthy, happy, slim and fit individuals – achieving long-lasting weight loss.

Lyn believes that diets don’t work because of the many restrictions that come with it. According to ex yo-yo dieter Lyn, diets make people constantly hungry and dominate the person’s minds with thoughts of their next meal – which means most people can’t stick to a diet long-term and they struggle at keeping the weight off.

The Activate Your Mind Program confronts the real problem: the thought processes, mindset, habits and emotions linked to food, eating and body image. The exercise-free weight loss program is a lasting weight loss strategy that will help people to let go of their desire for unhealthy foods, by dealing with the negative emotions that make them want to grab unhealthy food choices. The program promises to help people to change their unhealthy habits with scientific and proven methods focussed on behavioural change.

The Activate Your Mind website has further information on how the program actually works to create long-lasting weight loss.



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