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Lyn Woodward, Founder of the Activate Your Mind ProgramAYM_homephoto

Lyn had been involved in the Health and Fitness Industry for 15 years, owned her own boutique Fitness Club and had also been a chronic yo-yo dieter for most of her adult life. 


After so many years of frustration with her own weight battles, Lyn embarked upon research and training in the psychology of weight loss and how to change unwanted Emotions and Behaviours – largely to combat her own weight loss demons.  She combined this with her extensive experience in the fitness and weight loss industries and developed her unique Seven Step System to finally conquer the ‘hidden’ weight barriers using specific, targeted techniques that will change a client’s Mindset.


She found that the Program that she had developed had a profound, positive and lasting effect on her clients’, (and her own) attitude, to food and exercise, so that it was really easy to lose weight and keep the weight off.  It also, in a very short period of time,  dramatically improves confidence, body image and self esteem.  

Interestingly, she found that the techniques can also be used for other emotional or behavioural issues as, instead of getting ‘stuck’ in a problem, it enables clients to become more positive and solution focused, so it is very clear what needs to be done to improve the situation; whether it is stress, anxiety or anger management, stopping smoking, improving communication in relationships, finding a partner or improving finances.


 “Most people dealing with health and weight issues have psychological behavioural and emotional barriers – often unaddressed – that block them from following positive lifestyle and diet advice” says Lyn Woodward   “All the knowledge that we need to live healthfully is readily available, but making it a reality in our lives can seem too difficult.  Quite often there are ingrained emotions, belief systems and associations to food and exercise that we may not even know are there.  These patterns can subconsciously sabotage our best intentions”


“I absolutely, 100%, believe that the Activate Your Mind Program is the ‘missing link’ to weight problems and I am really excited to be able to help our clients to finally stop the miserable yo-yo dieting cycle – once and for all!”


After 7 years of consulting, Lyn is now focusing on training new consultants across the Country so that more people can experience the weight loss, mental freedom and  health benefits that come with the Activate Your Mind Program.


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